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Fuljar Soda: A Drink in Action

As the holy month of Ramzan drew to a close, there was something else that was waiting to safely erupt into the open, literally – The humble Fuljar soda. Served in a long jar, complete with a shot glass containing a green concoction, Fuljar is the talking point across the country (India).

Claimed to have origins from Kerala, no one knows who created the Fuljar (pronounced as ‘full jar’) soda nor does anyone know how the frothy drink rose to overnight stardom. One possibility of the drink’s popularity can be attributed to the dramatized TikTok videos of youngsters drinking Fuljar soda.

Fuljar Soda
Credit: Manorama Online

What made the drink popular?

We, human beings are attracted to something out of the ordinary. This drink not a boring soda with a pinch of salt or squeezed lime. It reminds me of an overflowing soda like a volcano that was created for a chemistry project and it is a food that can be consumed while it is in action. Interesting enough?

Though there are variations in the color of the drink, the design of the drink is quite similar to the Jägerbomb, where a shot of Jägermeister is dropped into a tall glass of beer or red bull. Interestingly, the origins of the Jägerbomb and Fuljar soda are elusive.

What goes into the Fuljar soda?

The concoction in the shot glass is made up of mint, green chilli, ginger, salt or sugar, depending on the variant. Basil seeds, an ingredient in Kulikki Sarbath, another popular drink in Kerala, are also added to Fuljar soda to make it more interesting to the palate. According to the Fuljar soda drinkers, the drink should be chugged in one go, and then our senses are taken on a sensory ride of flavors.

Where can you get Fuljar soda?

With the drink turning into an overnight sensation, it is widely available at roadside eateries as well as bigger establishments. One has to go to the makeshift shops and cool bars in the smaller towns of Malappuram, to get an authentic taste of the Fuljar soda, where youngsters queue up for their evening fill. The drink has now garnered popularity in the districts of Kannur and Kochi, and is slowly catching up in establishments across the country.

Watch the video here: