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You Are Not Immature

If you are cheesy

if you marry young

if you are a passionate lover

if you jump into a dance in a crowd

if you stay with your parents as an adult

if you spend your time playing with kids

if you are fascinated by the strangest things

if you spend money on what you love doing

You are an original, a rarity among people who suppress their true selves for the sake of others.


Some people are capable of smoothly handling anything that comes in their way. they are like a shock absorbers of human emotions and situations. they may stay silent, cry or even hold their pent up anger for days, weeks or even months. they can be confused souls. they love peace. they might have their own devils to fight. But at the end of the day, they absorb the negative energy of a person in the hope that they can bring in some positivity. They are empaths.

The Last One

Do you remember your first love?

the first time you held hands with a loved one?

the first date. the first kiss? we hate or love the person who broke our heart. the time when we felt guilty for breaking someone’s heart.

you carry the weight of the person who shattered you, and yet they shape your love life.

being first and the firsts have always been important. the firsts don’t matter anymore, the last one does. the lasting one.