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Married, Still Virgin [Part-01]

Adorned with jasmine and flowers, it was a scene straight out of a movie. The divine smell of the jasmine and the arousing smell of the roses, sent a wave of excitement across my body. It is no secret that a grand wedding is every woman’s dream, yet the part where you spend the night together is every woman’s longing.

Badam milk and apples, a fuel for the unending night. Unfortunately, the excitement was about to come to an end. My husband is about to leave the next day and I was on my period.

Married, still Virgin.

My Husband

A techie by the day, a dancer by passion, overseas. We love each other, yet the pain of a long distance relationship just after marriage is inevitable. Time zones differ, so does our routines. Calls are rare, occasional texting and no video calls. My longing for him, to move with him is my next dream. The visa process is tedious, expensive and involves a lot of paperwork.

There are occasional fights, most of them fueled by my in laws and he supports them. Is it because he doesn’t understand or trust me or is it because he never got a chance to understand me?

My In-laws

The best example of love-hate relationship. We all remember the time when your future in laws come visit and adore you and say a variety of sweet lines like, “We will take good care of her like our daughter.” The truth is, it’s complete bullshit. They love you, they care for you, still they cannot control you.

I am not the type who parties or spends every evening or night with my friends. I would love to talk to my in laws, but what would I talk? After all, I love spending time with my sister, cousin sisters and my grandmother. They are second in line, after my mom and dad. Is it a sin to spend time with them at least one weekend in a month?

My Desire

One might expect me to be involved with a social cause, indulge in my hobbies or hang out with my friends over the weekend. I don’t find purpose or the motivation to do that. To put it simply, my desire is awakened only when I see my husband, the bearded epitome of desire.

To be continued…