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Sorry, Manisha Valmiki

You never destroyed her,

it just showed how pathetic you are,

she wanted to come back home,

or they tried to bring her home,

one last time.

but you traumatized her soul,

and the people around her.

time and again,

you prove, you are,

a twisted mind, a slave,

of a failed system and beliefs.

You Are Not Immature

If you are cheesy

if you marry young

if you are a passionate lover

if you jump into a dance in a crowd

if you stay with your parents as an adult

if you spend your time playing with kids

if you are fascinated by the strangest things

if you spend money on what you love doing

You are an original, a rarity among people who suppress their true selves for the sake of others.


Some people are capable of smoothly handling anything that comes in their way. they are like a shock absorbers of human emotions and situations. they may stay silent, cry or even hold their pent up anger for days, weeks or even months. they can be confused souls. they love peace. they might have their own devils to fight. But at the end of the day, they absorb the negative energy of a person in the hope that they can bring in some positivity. They are empaths.

The Lockdown Celebrators

Disclaimer: A work of satire

There are three types of people celebrating the lockdown at the moment – newly married couples, introverts and gamers. How do they they celebrate this once in 100-years opportunity:

Newly Married Couples

The first set of people are clueless about social distancing. They are stuck together. Their Instagram timeline stands testimony. Neighbours are complaining that they hear screams of Come Corona! Come Corona! A newly married couple were informed they were supposed to scream Go Corona! Go Corona! They are competing to replicate at a faster rate than the virus. Hopefully, we win.


These people are yet to figure out the hullabaloo about the lockdown period. They have an in-depth understanding of the pandemic, but they don’t want to talk about it. Panic attacks are now common, with entry of loud humans, and they wonder if they belong to the zoo. They have started taking online masterclasses on ‘How to survive the Coronavirus-induced apocalypse’. Still, #IntrovertStruggles


They feel they are the safest of the three. A sanitizer is the new addition to their table, for cleaning keyboard and mouse. They seem to be intellectual for split second when they speak of all-round protection from viruses, but for PCs. They also starting to find their games boring, and they wonder if the zombies have come to the streets.

P.S: Stay at home and Stay Safe. Lets hope for the best.

The little things I admire about her

She waves at the security guard,

every day,

lending him a bit of change,

in his mundane work,

of staring at the road,

and passing vehicles.


Her eyes sparkle,

when she sees a random dog,

out on the streets,

she doesn’t mind speaking,

sweet nothings,

to the tiny aquatic fishes,

within the four glass molds,

while they stare with wonder,

at the pretty human.


she mirrors the pain,

of roadside dwellers,

Crafting jute items,

in the dim light,

while the half-open shed,

lends them rest for the day.


her transparent pouch is stuck,

with random heart-shaped stickers,

of different colors,

she bought when,

a small girl was selling it,

it Was too hard for her,

to ignore,

the sparkle in her eyes.





Colorful Earthlings from a Women’s College

Everyday, The scene is monotonous. There are buses, cars and bikes passing by on the road. Then, there are weary women and men from offices, having a cup of their favorite beverage from tea stalls, and children making their way through the footpath ridden with shops.

However, there is uneasy (read comfortable) silence surrounding it. It is break time for me and my friends. It is also the time when a women’s college shuts its doors and instantly activates a flurry of activity in the outside world.

Firstly, there are a set of devoted boyfriends in their bikes, patiently waiting for their girlfriends. One guy holds the bag while she loosens her hair and swift ties it into a bun while the other with a wayfarer is concerned to show off the bike’s roar and is ready to take off as soon as his girlfriend is on board.

Remember the devoted tea and coffee lovers who are involved in serious office discussions (read gossip). Like a lighthouse light, limited to a 180° angle, their shifting gaze and their side sliding heads are focused on the exiting earthlings who are dressed colorful apparel.

Third, the sudden influx of buses, share autos, cars and bikes creates a flutter of activity. There is a congestion. There is a screaming policeman in the center of the road, trying to smooth things on the road. Oblivious to the events surrounding him, It just another day for the policeman, who brings backs the calm after the chaos.