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The little things I admire about her

She waves at the security guard,

every day,

lending him a bit of change,

in his mundane work,

of staring at the road,

and passing vehicles.


Her eyes sparkle,

when she sees a random dog,

out on the streets,

she doesn’t mind speaking,

sweet nothings,

to the tiny aquatic fishes,

within the four glass molds,

while they stare with wonder,

at the pretty human.


she mirrors the pain,

of roadside dwellers,

Crafting jute items,

in the dim light,

while the half-open shed,

lends them rest for the day.


her transparent pouch is stuck,

with random heart-shaped stickers,

of different colors,

she bought when,

a small girl was selling it,

it Was too hard for her,

to ignore,

the sparkle in her eyes.





A Poem From My Soulmate

I can feel your love for me,

Through your eyes.

I knew the extent of your love,

Through your kiss.


Where did I go wrong?

Where did I miss you?

Time flew,


Your love stayed,

Like an eternal flame.


Our love does not hold any value,

since this love,

has to end,

One day.


If I ever get a chance to be born again,

I wish to be your better half.


We shall remain a secret,

as best friends,

as soulmates,

and as lovers.


Thank you Aps ❤

One Kiss

Soft, smooth and delicate,
hands flowing around her jaws,
those painful bites of pleasure,
intense reminders of love.

Their face swerved in unison,
her vice-like grip,
his spidery fingers,
clasping and crawling,
their warm raw flesh.

the pinkish sensory,
have lost their control
within the space,
within the soulful smooches,
Of Desire.

Raining Love

Essential, scarce and mysterious.
Dripping down your freckled cheeks,
They roll down like pearls,
Cut off from a string.
The sky kept worshipping you,
While I kissed your wet lips.
The world around me blanketed,
In darkness.
We stood in the Rain,
After all,
We were raining in passion.

Why Long-Distance is The One Word that I Dread?

Who said technology brings people closer?

It made us fall in love,

She craved for intimate affection.

I craved just to hear her voice.

She moved away from home,

In search of a job,

A new city and new life.

Unattended calls and unsent messages,

It made me distant from her

Or was she distancing herself?

Ping! A notification,

She had fallen in love,

With a person who gave her,

What she craved for…

Mayaanadhi: A Stirring Tale of Romance

The romance genre in Indian films is mostly dominated by two storylines – A man and woman falling in love and then there are problems, either caused by their parents or goons, or a man stalking a girl till she falls for him in the end supported by a mix of romantic songs.

Here is where the Malayalam movie Mayaanadhi comes into the picture. Starring Tovino Thomas and Aishwarya Lekshmi , the movie stands out as a one-of-a-kind movie in terms of story, characterization, and performance.

Several special aspects lend a magical touch to the movie. John Mathew a.k.a Mathan (Tovino) is introduced as a racketeer who is trailed by the police while he is immersed in love with Aparna (Aishwarya) who is now ambitious in making it big in the cinema industry. Aparna who has distanced from Mathan owing to a small rift ends up being loved by him again (or falling in love again?)

Director Aashiq Abu takes the movie slowly, giving enough time for the audience to get the feel of the movie. Mayaanadhi is refreshingly realistic in terms of dialogue delivery and the depiction of the society in general. The sequence where a Aparna’s mom prods her to come home to attend family functions and proudly mentions her educational qualifications to the guests. The film has a feminist undertone in it, which subtly delivers the message and is not forced into the movie with hard-hitting dialogues. Aparna never mentions her ambitions nor desire to settle down, yet Mathan never intends on giving up on her. She is stuck, at times confused and silently craves for Mathan’s love.

The cinematography by Jayesh Mohan is top-notch, especially in the romantic love-making sequence where the lead characters are blissfully into each other and capturing their faces of happiness. Rex Vijayan delivers soundtracks lend a memorable touch to the movie, with use the soundtrack of ‘Uyirin Nadhiye’ in various parts of the movie.

There is one line by the heroine that made an impact in the movie – “Sex is not a promise.” I cannot reveal anything more about this particular sequence or about the movie as it will lose the magic. This one sets a benchmark in Malayalam cinema and for Indian cinema as a whole.