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Future ‘Tense’

She fell in love with the present,
she held on to her past,
the present wanted to be her future
the past promised her future.

the present let her go.
to the past,
when the present,
saw an uncertain future.

A Memory

Silent notes of brewed coffee,
steam dense, yet strained.
hazy rays through the stained glass,
the rustling sounds,
of the morning paper.

a gaze stuck on the polished wood,
shiny and happy,
yet Immobile.
biscuit crumbs scatter the table,
a new feast for the tiny ants.

A home,
never so silen
missing a voice of its own
the potted soil, never dry
nor the leaves dusty.

the subtle baking aroma,
the loving shouts,
and the steps of arrival,
is a now a memory,
as you ascend,
to a happy place.

Our Mourning Song

“Half of the people lie with their lips; the other half with their tears”

Nassim Nicholas Taleb

We exchanged the loveliest of words,
in the cutest verse,
while singing out,
sweet nothings for each other.

no arguments exchanged,
nor tears left to fall,
it was a perfect phase.

we lived in the illusion of happiness,
when lies made its presence,
a barrier that never let us inside,
into a deeper understanding,
of each other.

we left each other in silence,
we never fought,
since we never sought,
to know discover the truth,
while lies were the poisoned fruit.

in separation,
depth revealed into the deepest hearts,
scouring for love,
wondering what went wrong.
they were our mourning song.

A Poem From My Soulmate

I can feel your love for me,

Through your eyes.

I knew the extent of your love,

Through your kiss.


Where did I go wrong?

Where did I miss you?

Time flew,


Your love stayed,

Like an eternal flame.


Our love does not hold any value,

since this love,

has to end,

One day.


If I ever get a chance to be born again,

I wish to be your better half.


We shall remain a secret,

as best friends,

as soulmates,

and as lovers.


Thank you Aps ❤

One Kiss

Soft, smooth and delicate,
hands flowing around her jaws,
those painful bites of pleasure,
intense reminders of love.

Their face swerved in unison,
her vice-like grip,
his spidery fingers,
clasping and crawling,
their warm raw flesh.

the pinkish sensory,
have lost their control
within the space,
within the soulful smooches,
Of Desire.