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We had become really close friends in a span of three months. We met and spoke for hours, everyday. She didn’t want me to go for the trip. I was her only companion at that point of time. She was sad, but she knew I had to go. I felt bad leaving her, and even a little scared about leaving her alone in the city. The sky was cloudy, and it was about to rain.

The night had just started. It was around 7.15 p.m. There was a light drizzle which tranisition to heavy rain. We were the kind of people who loved to feel the rain, no matter how heavy it was. Yet I wasn’t ready to get wet that night. I parked the bike on the side of the road. A few other vehicles were also parked and people were taking shelter under a tree. There was a small gap with a visible gate in front of the house. We parked ourselves over there.

There was a house behind the tree which was locked and I rested my back on the gate while she stood in front of me, face to face. There were people beside us. She did glance once in a while at the rain but most of the time, we stood there talking while vehicles moved across the road in the rain.

After a while, when the rain got heavier, she laid her head on my chest and said, ‘Its so warm.’ I smiled and I looked at her. I wrapped my arms around her head and held her. I never let her go. About 10-15 minutes later, I felt her weight of her body on me. I knew she was slowly dozing off.

She forgotten the rain, the chaos of the traffic. She went into deep sleep state, all the while when she was standing.

As the rains returned to a light drizzle. I had no other option but to wake her up. If not for the trip, i would have stood there, relishing this moment. She woke up like a puppy waking up from slumber, her eyes as adorable as ever. She later said she felt so comfortable in my body heat that she just dozed off. I had never seen anything as cute as that. The sight and feel of her, resting on my body.

She felt comfortable, I felt love.